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minneapolis east addition

For nearly 100 years, Mount Olivet has placed great emphasis on its music ministry. With its reputation for excellence, the music department holds a long standing tradition and is committed to extending exceptional musical experiences to all. 

The Mpls East Addition will provide an expanded rehearsal room designed to accommodate our larger choirs, additional rooms for the growing School of Music program, and rehearsal space for large ensembles and our community summer camp participants. It will also provide much needed and enhanced learning spaces for Sunday School, Children and Family Ministries, Confirmation, and Adult Learning. 

Current Choir Room

The current choir room and the current overflowing Cathedral choir kids!

Exterior Design

The exterior design will maintain the mid-century modern expression of the existing gym, offices and classroom wing of the church. This has been done very deliberately so that the new addition looks like it has always been present with no introduction of a third architectural style. The very vertical and narrow windows located in the existing gym will be reintroduced in the rehearsal hall on the top floor of the addition.

Floor Plans

The addition and remodeling will create new space for both Music and Education. The existing Sunday School classrooms on levels 1 and 3 and the Early children's music room on level 3 will be completely remodeled and brought up to date. All new rooms on the east facade of the addition will have windows to maximize the opportunity for day light into these spaces. The primary materials on the facade include rusticated stone, cast stone to resemble limestone, glass and stucco similar to the existing south wing of the church.

Rehearsal Hall

The rehearsal hall on level four will have an 18-foot ceiling with nine risers and ten rows of seats, which will allow the Cathedral and Senior Choirs to rehearse in service formation. There will be many features in the space that will help create excellent acoustics for singing including tall ceiling, staggered non-parallel walls, and special acoustical materials on the walls and the ceiling.

Large Classroom

A sizable space for Confirmation and Adult learning will be the large classroom totaling 2,100 SF that is directly under the rehearsal hall at level two (street level). This space can be divided into three separate classrooms with moveable walls which will allow for many different configurations and uses by all departments.



Your donation will help us meet the goal of providing furnishings for this beautiful new space. Any amount is a step towards the goal! If choir, confirmation, and Sunday School was an important part of your life, and you would like to give back, let's join together and meet the fundraising goal. Thank you in advance for supporting this exciting initiative!

$10 buys a folder slot in the choir room
$20 buys storage folders for our music library
$75 buys a section of open shelving                                       
$100 buys a chair
$150 buys a table for Sunday School
$250 buys a bulletin board
$400 buys a white board
$500 provides a storage cupboard or TV monitors for classrooms
$6,000 buys a projector for the rehearsal hall

If you would like more information, or if you would like a personal conversation about your donation, please contact Beverly Claflin at beverlyc@mtolivet.org, Bill Walter at bwalter@hrii.com, or Mari Carlson at mcarlsonc@mtolivethomes.org


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Letter from Pastor Johnson


Mount Olivet is in the final phase of fund raising to complete the addition to the Minneapolis Campus. With construction slated to begin in May, the project needs over one million dollars to fully cover the cost. Our Development Office is in conversation with several potential donors to help finish the project. Please contact Mari Carlson at mcarlson@mtolivethomes.org or 612-821-3150, if you can be the angel who can put us over the top. Bill Walters, Nancy Lindahl and John Kapanke are also helping with this effort and welcome to conversation.

We are also seeking $400,000 to furnish the music rehearsal rooms, offices, library and new classrooms for Sunday School. A committee of choir members - Jeff Justman, Peter Magnuson and Vicki Turnquist - has organized to help raise "Funds for Furnishings." We want to involve members and alumni of the Cathedral and Senior Choirs and from all of our musical groups. What a great way to honor children or grandchildren who have been blessed by these programs, especially under the direction of Dr. Beverly Claflin, who will be honored in this wing for her 30 years of service for excellence in music. The committee is making progress and has already received several committments. We want to give everyone a chance to have ownership in this project.

To motivate people to give, two families have each provided $200,000 toward construction and to encourage others to provide gifts for "Funds for Furnishings." A wonderful idea! Thank you in advance for your support! Please feel free to contact us with your questions - Dr. Claflin, beverlyc@mtolivet.org/612-767-2263, Mari Carlson, mcarlson@mtolivethomes.org/612-821-3150, Pastor Johnson, dennisj@mtolivet.org/612-767-2251.

Pastor Dennis J. Johnson, Interim Senior Pastor
Mount Olivet Lutheran Church


Minneapolis Campus

5025 Knox Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55419



West Campus

7150 Rolling Acres Rd
PO Box 153
Victoria, MN 55386


For general information about the project please contact Beverly Claflin: beverlyc@mtolivet.org, 612.767.2263 or Bill Walter: bwalter@hrii.com.

For questions regarding ways to give, please contact Mari Carlson: mcarlson@mtolivethomes.org, 612.821.3150

For questions regarding online giving or setting up auto-pay, please contact Amy Nelson: amyn@mtolivet.org, 612.767.2255